Sunday Country Drives and “Enough”

img_4184fallloveliesw Nature, Mountains, chickens, flowers and fields call to me and I answer. I drive. To the country. To the mountains. Where the air smells clean and dirty at the same time. img_4209fallloveliesw I leave all my cares behind. I see beauty everywhere. In the grass, in the flowers and for miles around as far as my eye can see. I breathe it in. A very deep breath. It's like an inhale of loveliness. img_4231fallloveliesw I can't help but smile, find a place to park and walk along. I hear birds, I hear the wind or I just hear the silence. Even though I'm right there, a deep longing stirs within me. I realize it is all I want. I realize it is everything I need. img_4205fallloveliesw Where in the world was I my whole life up until this point? If only I could be right here all the time. Then I remind myself. God has given me enough. Enough for this day. God has blessed me. God's love is enough. Filling my intense longing with thankful thoughts. My intense longing for beauty is a longing for Heaven. Only there will I be completely filled to the brim, all the time, with enough. Enough love, enough beauty, enough joy. img_4255fallloveliesw But, I've always wanted chickens...I think. "Why can't I just own a chicken?" Is that so hard? img_4247fallloveliesw God reminds me that His purpose for me, during this Season, is to play. To be free. He gives a purpose to each living thing. He reminds me that I bring Him joy when I play. img_4483animalsw He makes everything beautiful in its time. img_4487animalsw and He has a purpose for every living thing... img_4477animalsw "...a time for every Season." img_4509animalsw  
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6 thoughts on “Sunday Country Drives and “Enough”

  1. Margaret Heredia

    Dear Mel, I just love the comments you leave with each picture and adventure you take. I was thinking that a combination of all these “feelings” that you put on paper could make a great book, you know a coffee table book. ……think about it.

  2. Betsy

    I love your phrase “an inhale of loveliness.” It reminds me to stop and count my blessings. I think your pictures are “an inhale of loveliness. ” Thanks

    1. Melanie Beilner Post author

      Betsy, thanks for visiting me here at Country Cottage Living 🙂 yes, let’s count our blessings! I’m thankful for a day to rest and go take a walk and enjoy Autumn color.

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