Summer Country Bike Rides

country bike rides This week I went down my "country road" and foraged wildflowers and brought along my newest quilt and one of my favorite books, The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. I brought my camera and played with the sunshine and the flowers...Country Bike Rides are bliss! The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady The quilt was inspired by the "Holly Hobbie" fabric given to me by a friend...I call it my "kindred spirit" quilt. summer evening bike ride My trusty old bike got a new paint job this Summer. My son spray painted over the bright navy blue and made it white. (it was a harder job than it sounds; google some tutorials before you try it!) upcycled quilt and wildflowers study The evening light and all my "pretties" in front of the camera took my breath away... July wildflowers in the PNW July is almost over...I'm trying not to jump ahead to looking forward to the next Season but I guess it's natural...making a Fall dream list but still relishing these Summer days and all that goes with it...especially Country Bike Rides!

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