the gift of Rosie


This lovely ginger colored kitty became my friend during this past Season; a Season filled with trials and ill health. It is a neighborhood cat that has become a dear friend 🙂 I'm thankful for the snuggles and loves and the *exhales as her and I walk around my backyard garden. A few years ago during another hard Season of trials and ill health a similar looking kitty made friends with me that was obviously a stray, very hungry and eager for friendship; when we moved from that house, we couldn't take her with us and I still think about her and what she meant to me during that time. It seems that God has twice given me a ginger colored cat to love during similar dark Seasons.




There are precisely two red tulips in our backyard and they seem to brighten up the entire space!



Rosie, the name for 'my' cat, decided to play with the red tulips!

During this past Season I have learned many things (again). But one thing pressed upon me was that He is still God even in the worst of times. Even if I have nothing else, He is truly all I need. It is hard to give up what we love the most even if God gave it to us to begin with. I found myself surrendering my dreams, surrendering what I thought I should have for whatever He wants to give me. Don't get me wrong - this was a heart wrenching Season and it was painful to let go. I seem to sense a pattern though. Every time I clench and hold on tight to something I seem to learn (the hard way) to let go. God wants me to hold loosely the things on this earth and even my dreams. He want me to hold tight to Him and reach for Heaven. In my darkest hour, God is truly all I need. Now that my health has been restored, let me not forget my cry, "I want to LIVE!"

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