"I am so totally thrilled with the photo's and the staging. We will treasure these photo's forever. We plan on doing this annually. I also have been totally bragging and showing off the photo's to my pals."  - Michelle & Company "You two definitely made our backyard look better than reality! It was looking a bit bedraggled from the end of the summer heat but your artistic eyes picked up on the good stuff. Hope we can do it again." -Lori "I loved how relaxed this photoshoot was; there was so much inspiration and passion evident in the manner you stylized the shoot and interacted with us. Thanks again for the invite to work with you and get to watch you make magic happen!" -Abigail "I LOVE working with you! I’ve had so much fun and look forward to our future collaborations!! Oxox" -LanaJenae Photography "I love your work! Your attention to detail and your ideas bring so much to each theme. Before you know it, you will be a very sought after stylist!" -LanaJenae Photography "Beautiful photos and if you ask me, the best styling is mixing the old with the new. All new is too stiff. All old is too musky smelling. lol! Love the mix! hugs," -Jann "You definitely have a lot of talent as a stylist and I’m excited about what the future holds for you." -Linda "Melanie, these photos are beautiful works of art!" -Stacey "The pics are Martha Stewart worthy." -Becky "These photos are you'd see in a magazine." -Shirley "Looks like a photo shoot from one of those upscale gardening magazines..." -Kathy

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