Winter Golden Light.

Winter Golden Light. Listening and waiting for my work/dream to be born.


January for me is “stop, look and listen” AND “eat, pray, love.” My daily walks have me asking all kinds of questions, “what now?” I’m waiting and listening for that “thing/dream” to be born. I don’t want to miss it. I want to “BE WHO I AM.” I want to “live my dream.”

old barn winter light

run down barn

The last couple days I’ve been playing around with my blog layout and other ideas and you might have popped in only to be confused…well, fear not! I put almost everything back to normal after a lovely comment from a reader that this blog was like a “letter from home.” Well, that did me in! I had bee discouraged but found hope and heart to go on. It is a lot of work to keep the blog updated for a limited amount of views. If you love it here, why not share a post on your facebook or tell a friend; this will encourage me to keep going :)