Books! Plans and Quilts

SpringBeautyBookCapture Hello friends, I've got stacks of books on my table and books on my brain! The above image is a rough draft cover for one of the books I'm working on. I'm using shutterfly to create this book: shutterflyCapture   I created my first book over a year ago and shared the online link to view. It is called Fall ~ A Thankful ABC Book. myfallbookCapture I finally ordered it and when it arrived I was PRETTY excited! It will help me tweak my other books. They are all seasonal each with a different theme. I will be focusing on creating these books from the last few years of work. They will be inspirational, beautiful and meaningful to me (and hopefully others!) The rest of this year of 2017 will be focused primarily on the Seasonal books and making quilts and having picnics. And I'm also hoping to get chicks! I'm inspired by Selina Lake books: selinalakebooksCapture and by Susan Branch books: susanbrancbooksCapture AND then there are some awesome books I've been reading: The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp annvoskampbookCapture Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequest presentbookCapture   I also bought a copy of The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden countrydiarybookCapture edwardianbookCapture I have immersed myself in making playlists of music on Spotify (thanks to my daughter for helping me!) I'm listening a lot to the soundtrack of the movie, "You've Got Mail." ┬áTry clicking this link for a listen HERE! I'm listening to music while I'm working on books. you've got mailCapture Other books I'm spending time with are my Bible, journal and daily devotional: focusing on "Beauty for my Soul" in this Season. quiet time quiet time My latest quilt was a gift. My next quilt will be for a picnic to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary. repurposed quilt shabby chic quilt My plan is to do many picnics this year. I will be living my picnic fantasy (including me enjoying the picnic!) Not sure what else God has planned but I will probably not be as present here on the blog or on social media. Bye For Now, and hoping you get some time soon to be Creative and "Live Your Dream." Melanie

3 thoughts on “Books! Plans and Quilts

  1. Margaret Heredia

    I loved this blog about books and writing books! I have a book about my childhood and missionary life but just haven’t done much on it lately. I’m so glad you’re making that quilt and I can hardly believe it’s been twenty years already. You and Donny are perfect match. I remember when you two started dating…..:) May the Lord give you inspiration as you look forward to writing and having picnics ! This years looks like it’s going to be a great blessings for you and those in your life. We love you.

  2. Linda

    I am very excited Melanie about your new Spring book you are working on as I so enjoyed the Fall issue, “A Thankful ABC Book”. Sounds like you have some amazing books that you are reading as well. Thanks for the beautiful pics and the inspiration you give to all of us. Love your authenticity and real life stories.

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