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Freelance Stylist

What do you get when you add Vintage, Antiques from Penny Lane, 8th grade girls, Dream Garden Woodworks Bistro Table Set and great clothes from Foxxy Brown’s? oh! and daisies and a field with a barn.

You get a photoshoot!!! My first experience as a Prop Stylist!! I’ll be posting all week with a few gems from all the great images photographed by Corlana at Lana Jenae Photography.

061214 267-61 (2)

061214 273-67 (2)

061214 288-82 (2)

Styled by Melanie Beilner; Lana Jenae Photography

So, stay tuned this week, you don’t want to miss out on this!! See additional info. on my Freelance Stylist page.


Berry Pie

berry pie photoshoot

Just practising my food photography by a lovely window, of course!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I love my dining table as a background for just about anything. You gotta love a barnwood table!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis berry pie recipe is amazing!


Peony Photos


Well, I’m at it again. The bloomin buds this time of year are amazing and I decided to practise some simple tips I’d learned on Pinterest…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, (above) I used a sun lounger folded as the backdrop (because it had an interesting pattern.) Not shown, I used a white board propped with clips to reflect the light. I think it helped!

Peony PhotoshootHere, my peony bouquet is displayed with a plaid blanket as a background (it is draped over a box.)


Mail Order Roses

Okay. So. I played with the mailboxes and the roses from the “Bike Photoshoot.” Oh, the things we do :) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Wouldn’t this make an adorable card?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI wish when I went to get the mail I would happen upon this scene instead of usually a pile of bills and junk mail. No?!Mail Order Roses


Cruiser Bike Photos

If you have been to Country Cottage Living before, you have probably seen my Next Cruiser Bike in a picture (purchased at Walmart over 5 years ago). I’ve put lilacs in the basket, mums in the basket, primroses, and a big red Christmas Bow. I like Cruiser Bike Photos!

Cruiser Bike Basket

I found my Cruiser Bike Basket at a Junk Store in Bow, WA. I sewed a burlap lining for it. The roses are re-purposed from an abandoned lot.

close-up roses

Women's Next Cruiser Bike

Roses Bike BasketI love to ride the bike too!

I rode to cut these roses and I got a couple “double looks” on my way home with a gorgeous basket full of Roses.

June Roses

Cruiser Bike Photos

As you can see, the handlebars are a little rusty. I store my bike on our cute front porch and the weather does affect it a little. But it adds a lot of charm to my front yard “appeal.” Cottage Living Appeal :)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of “Cruiser Bike Photos!”