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a few more…

back adverThis collage is our Ad we’ve been using to show people…they always raise their eyebrows and say, “Wow!” (If you are new here, I’m a Prop Stylist and this was my first experience with Lana Jenae Photography!)

061214 217-11
061214 236-30 (2)

061214 244-38 (2)

061214 255-49 (2)

061214 265-59 (2)-5

061214 328-122

061214 336-130 (2)

061214 388-182 (2)

061214 439-233 (2) There were so many many images that were spectacular and I hadn’t shared them all so …that’s why you are getting another glimpse…to see the others from this 8th grade Graduation Tea Party, click HERE and HERE!



Summer This and That

head of cabbageThis table setting was displayed at Pioneer Park during Old Settlers Days in Ferndale, WA.aug 8 066In our wonderful town there are several community gardens. 2 are within a few blocks of our home. I captured this gorgeous cabbage head one evening…

garden pathGarden Path…

green onions

Birch BayThis is my fam!! love them :)

naot sandalsOrange was my go to color for toe nail polish…

photographerloved hanging out with my niece at Hovander Park…

backyard hollyhocksPink Hollyhocks are really pretty next to this rustic trellis and fence in our backyard.

pretty mason jar lidsI finally found some pretty antique mason jar lids. yee-haw!

almost time for schoolThis clock and antique school book remind me, “it’s almost time for school.”


Life Is Beautiful.

Pike's Place Market BouquetJust wanted to share a few of my favorite things in the last couple weeks! Above; bouquet from the famous Pike’s Place Market and apples from Uncle Matt and Gitti’s.

Dining Room Corner HutchAnd many of my favorite things are in this corner of my house; my repurposed Hutch (I got the original piece free on Craigslist and then re-did it!), my Garage Sale Finds on the hutch, the large Chalkboard constructed by my husband with a barnwood frame and my Barnwood Dining Table with Iron Wrought Patio chairs.

coca-cola bottles repurposed Patio Lights These patio light were made from a large strand of LED outdoor Christmas lights, plastic cups and fabric and modge podge. Tutorial HERE.favorite things groupA few treasures…2 repurposed cake stands (I glued pretty plates to candle sticks), some pretty canning jars/lids I found at a RE-store, some leftover flowers from the original Pike’s Bouquet, an old school book (from 1937).

Aug 2 023  Enamel Tea Pot and repurposed cake standYou are Enough. Read this inspiring post on: The Cottage Nest.

This summer I have not been as content as I want to be. I’ve allowed dreams to turn to discontent. I’ve wanted this and that and let the feelings linger till I became a little bitter. 

I shared with my husband that for me finding the balance between dreaming and hoping for this or that in the future and being content with my many blessings is a hard balance. I almost prefer not dreaming because it tends to turn ugly quick. I want what so-and-so has. I want to go where so-and-so is going. 

Even my kids, when we were having a discussion about the Commandment: Thou shalt not covet, asked, “Can we not say, ‘I really want that car!’” 

I told myself and the kids, It’s good to dream some days and some days it’s real good to be thankful for everything we already have. And so, I was also reminded by *Inspired By Annetta that “Life Is Beautiful.” Just as it is. Just now.

*Not sure where she focused on this point but if you watch her Video Story, you will be inspired! 



Flowers and My lovely daughter

I recently have borrowed my brother’s camera. (Which is the nicest camera I have ever used!) and have since produced a few nice images (if I may say?!)

july 27 043

july 27 008

july 27 039I’m still on my Stylist kick but I do like playing with this camera and trying to go for those shots filled with as much light as possible without blowing out too much! My daughter is so fun to take her photograph. She has so many different facial expressions!

july 27 135

july 27 141

july 27 142Gotta love those high top converse!!

july 27 160

Her t-shirt says, “Ice Loves Coffee.”
july 27 164

july 27 166

All these pics were taken at Auntie Gitti’s in her backyard and cul de sac.

july 27 168

july 27 171These last 2 close-ups are so fun. Under those glasses (which I think give her such personality) are those beautiful eyes! Love you sweetie!

All these pics were taken in the magical hours between 7 and 9 in the evening.




Beach Picnic Part 3; roasting marshmallows

roasting marshmellowsSo, after a tuna-cucumber sandwich, potato chips, watermelon and coca-cola, the kids made smores over a mini campfire on Locust Beach. Photography by the lovely Corlana of Lana Jenae Photography!

smores ingredientsCan’t you just taste the ooey-gooey goodness…roasting marshmallows

closeup smoreYou gotta love the red suspendors (all sources listed in Post 1 HERE).


so much fun!Well, the evening was a huge success even though the sun was not out very long! Cheers!