“Every longing in us is a version of our longing for God. That longing may be a distorted version of our longing for God, but it’s still a longing for the God we were made to know.” -Tim Chester

I feel, sometimes, that my house and home will never be all perfect and deep down I still want it to be perfect. I’ve realized over the last 10 years that this longing will never be a reality for me or you and here’s why: It’s never enough. ( I want to point out that my rambling thoughts may not always flow smoothly and most certainly they will sometimes contradict each other! It is a conscious effort to find balance. It is a way of being “Mary” instead of “Martha.” Never did I imagine that beginning a “Stylist” career would lead me to feel so deeply and daily challenge myself to share what is real and and what ministers to my soul……..)Kitchen: Country Cottage Style  (more…)

Wanting a Forever Home

Wanting a Home (Today I digress from my usual content and share from my heart)

Lately, I’ve been “wanting” sooo much, I had to put down my thoughts.

This “wanting” is deep deep down. It is a wanting for a home. A forever home. A place I can feel at peace. A place that is me. It’s beautiful. It’s a place in the country. To be honest, it’s partly a real home. For Sale. In the Country. I want it something awful.

everson country home

Recently, we were conflicted about our current rental home situation and were looking for a more suitable place that filled all our needs. We wanted to buy a home. A home that belonged to us. A place where we were the boss. A place away from it all… (more…)

Craft Area Sneak Peak


I’ve been working on my Craft Area/Work Station; sprucing it up; making it come alive! This sneak peak will have to do for now.

and here is a sneak peak of out Master Bedroom:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I had painted our bedroom furniture this past summer and haven’t shown it off yet! I used some recycled paint and repurposed it into chalk paint. Hopefully will show more in an official photoshoot soon!

Last of the Garden before the Frost

garden pathSo, believe it or not, we have not had a frost yet and these are the last of the flowers in the community garden not far from where I live.


Isn’t this squash pretty? Bye For Now!