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Bohemian Photoshoot Part 2

colorful picnic table

If you missed Part 1 of the Bohemian Photoshoot, go HERE! Corlana, of Lana Jenae Photography, took these amazing photos!

Bohemian Picnic

crackers & cheese


white plate layersI so enjoyed planning and setting up this beautiful casual picnic…just crackers and cheese, fruit and Ginger Ale. I decorated the table with seashells the girls collected, sand in a jar, and natural colored flowers. The color palette was based on the girls favorite colors.

picnic by the seaBohemian PicnicThis is so where I want to be right now ;)

Bohemian Picnic at Beach

Lana Jenae Photography

Bohemian Picnic at the BeachThese cousins were so much fun and so beautiful and so kind. LOVE!

Melanie Beilner Stylist

Sunset at Semiahmoo BeachThere were so many other great pics but that is all for now…Bye For Now!  (Location at Semiahmoo Beach)


Bohemian Beach Photoshoot Part 1

Bohemian Beach Photoshoot

Lana Jenae Photography

going on an adventure

sweet BohemianI post this magical sunny September session on this blustery cold windy October night…I can’t believe what a difference a few weeks can make! It really was a magical Summer evening…these 4 girls are best friend cousins and love each other so much! I loved helping come up with the theme and carrying it out to tell a “story”! We decided on subtle Bohemian…a picnic at Semiahmoo Beach with a fort! The lovely Corlana, from Lana Jenae Photography, captured all these amazing images!

building a beach fortMy hubby helped build a wooden fort frame so we could just drape some pretty sheets (we used some clips to secure the sheets).

Beach Bohemian FortFor this shoot I offered ideas for the wardrobe but did not select the pieces myself…I love the fashionable crochet, lace and “boho” cowgirl look the girls chose! The Boho floral crowns were such a hit! (My daughter helped me put these together with scavenged flowers.)

Bohemian Floral CrownsI think it’s safe to say, these girls will remember this day for a long time. I think the photo says it all!

collecting sand in a jarAfter building the Beach fort the girls collected shells and sand and flowers for the picnic “table.” Corlana captured these moments so beautifully.

white berries

collecting rocks in a jar

collecting sea shells

lovely moment on the beach

floral crown

floral crown at beachIf these images aren’t enough to make you long for – Bohemian Beach …wait till I post the picnic next! stay tuned!


Homespun Style Living Room Part 2

Country Cottage Living RoomMy Country Cottage Homespun Style Living Room is open to the Dining Room and the Kitchen. This is one of my fav pictures! (I’m a Stylist! I love creatively arranging stuff!) I love the open feel and I actually do love all the white walls. I’ve had homes with color on the walls and homes all white and over the years I actually prefer white walls. I feel like you can make color “pop” and you can change colors more easily.

TJ Maxx decor pillowsHere are a mixture of free pillows, TJ Maxx (blue one), and homemade. If you missed Part 1 of my Homespun Style Living Room, go HERE! I collaborated with Piepereit Productions and Annetta Bosakova on a combination Photoshoot of my Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen.white slipcovered chairsIn this corner of the Living Room are some elegant white slipcovered chairs (I got free by the road). The decor on the wall is mismatched kid art, vintage fabric framed by embroidery rings and a rustic shelf  and frame built by Dream Garden Woodworks. Orange rick rack pillow from TJ Maxx and pansie decor pillow from Annetta Bosakova. Cute crochet owl by Petra Hernandez.

Homespun Style wall decor

white berries in vaseDon’t you love the above display? Vintage books, a hankie displayed in an embroidery hoop and a simple white berries in a beautiful, dirty, vase.

cozy cottage corner

yarn balls in a basketIsn’t the above just sooo beautifully displayed? The yarn and book say, “cozy” and the flowers say “romance.” LOVE! Another corner styled by Annetta.fall flowers artThis spot is in-between the Living Room and Kitchen. Annetta styled this; it says to me: Garden & Fall.

Fall FloralsI love how the real flowers and the painted flowers combine!

Even if you are renting, even if your home is not up-to-date, even if you have very little to work with, it can be beautiful! And if your “home” on this earth is not good or non-existent, be assured that your Home in Heaven is so beautiful and it will be the most perfect place to call home.

In a similar way, no matter where you are in life or who you are or who you are with, you are so beautiful to God. He loves you just right where you are at. No matter what. You do not have to be perfect or even love Him back. He created you just as you are and He is thrilled all about you! 

See the beauty in your home today and look forward to the beautiful Home God has for us in Heaven.

The beauty inside you is a soul that longs for God. “Every longing in us is a version of our longing for God, but it’s still a longing for the God we were made to know.” -Tim Chester



Homespun Style Living Room Part 1

Helloooo Friends! Glad you made it here…Even if you are quiet…even if you are in your pj’s…are you sipping on a hot drink? Made myself a chai tea with hot milk and sprinkled cinnamon on top yesterday. De-lish! Inspired by The Cottage Nest. Mom, are you still drinking chai tea every night?Home embroideryWelcome to my Homespun Country Cottage Living Room! This is my first “official” Interior Styling with Professional Photographers…I collaborated with Piepereit Productions and Annetta Bosakova on this project. It was a lot more work than any of the other Styling Shoots I’ve done this year. I learned sooo much! The above “Home” embroidery (on the front door) was crafted with love by Annetta :)

Homespun Country CottageWe’ve been renting the last 5 years or so and even though it’s been hard to move so many times (4 times in 5 years!), I sure do get to work on my decorating and styling skills. For this room, I was highly inspired by Selina Lake’s Homespun Style.

A few sources…cozy rug from Home Depot, Shear Curtains from Target, cow quilt pillow from a garage sale…Coffee Table built by my husband at Dream Garden Woodworks and painted by my homemade Chalk Paintcozy Country CottageAnnetta really helped with the styling of the “close-ups.” She was so kind to travel all the way from the Seattle Area to help Style and Photograph. Yankee Candle and oversize teacup from TJ Max. Slippers from Walmart.100 year old embroideryThe embroidery, which I begged off my sister in-law is 100 years old. LOVE it!! Fielding, who was the lead photographer, asked…”did you know there is purple tape showing??” (on the pumpkin botanical print) he he! Yes!! Washi Tape. I always like the trend when it’s just at the end of “trending.” I used “washi” tape in my styling because it’s easy and cute…I took out a lot of black framed pictures. (however, the truth is the washi tape I bought did not stick very well and everything kept coming down…so maybe tack in first and then cover with the cute washi tape)

End of Summer BouquetAnnetta and I collected the flowers for the bouquets (including this one) from around our neighborhood and at the Park. My friend T opened my eyes to clipping “free” flowers around town…on empty lots, church parking lots, abandoned houses, just along the road. Genius, right? In all my Styling Shoots this year I’ve never paid for flowers! (the cute pumpkin homemade by me! tutorial HERE!)

Country Cottage MantelThe above globe is from TJ Maxx. For this shoot I incorporated a lot of TJ Maxx products. However, much of the furniture and accessories are just second hand, from thrift stores or garage sales and re-purposed.Rustic End Table
Simple Country Cottage

Roses on end tableSimplicity is beautiful…don’t you think? (End Tables and wooden boxes in Entertainment Center: Dream Garden Woodworks.)

I was telling Annetta that I wanted women to believe that their house doesn’t have to be modern or up-dated to be beautiful. And that’s how I choose to believe. Yes, these images are “Sunday Best” and my home does not look like this everyday and I don’t usually “Style” my life. However, we don’t need to feel like we have to keep up with Pinterest or all the latest trends. That is impossible! And sometimes we have to be content with what we have. Gold doorknobs, gold ceiling fans and orange kitchen cabinets are growing on me because it’s what I have and I’m working with it and not against it… Do you feel like you have to up-date your house all the time? Do you always feel discontented? That’s not what I want to happen to you while you are here! Please be encouraged, your space can be beautiful with a little cleaning, maybe some re-purposed junk, and some “roadside” flowers :)

Stay tuned for Part 2! and check back more often because I’ve got several more Country Cottage Living “Styling” shoots to share…


Backyard Garden & Chickens Part 3!

Potting Bench BeautyIf you missed Part 1 and 2 of this “Backyard Goodness” shoot, go HERE and HEREIn this edition…Part 3 we get to see more flowers at the Potting Bench, more Grandiflora products and more chickens! Whew! The lovely, Corlana, photographed these lovely sisters accompanied by my daughter (one sister had to work; bummer!).

flowers from 5 loaves farm

Grandiflora Home & Garden ProductsThe above adorable products can be found at Grandiflora Home & Garden in Lynden, WA. They have an amazing selection and a variety of styles. They will be launching a new and better online store soon; you don’t want to miss it!

flowers from 5 Loaves Farm5 Loaves Farm loaned us extra flowers and produce for the shoot.

Grandiflora Products

backyardshoot2 157-168

bird nest decorIf Gardens, Chickens and Potting Benches weren’t enough goodness, check out this cutey bunny rabbit:bunny and carrot

Then, there’s more chickens:

Backyard Chickens

backyardshoot2 208-198

backyardshoot2 209-199and a few more lovely flowers:

bleeding hearts


backyard coopAnd that, my friends, is the end of Lori’s Backyard Garden, Chickens and daughters (3 out of 4!). And we didn’t even capture all of the pets and corners of her lovely yard. Perhaps we shall visit again one day and show you a few other corners!