Styling the Coffee Table



Styling is OH SO MUCH  fun! Even the simplest scene is fun to do and play with my new camera (Canon Rebel T5).  Here I show off the quilted star pieced all the way from Texas, scavenged flowers from my walks and gluten free chocolate chip cupcakes (not iced yet). Styling your coffee table can be inexpensive and fun (until the family sits down ;)


I just sold the coffee table (along with the white round one seen in some photos) so I will be sporting a new repurposed one soon. My hubby will build one or I will pick one up at a yard sale. I brought home all the leftovers from my Penny Lane booth which I left recently so I have “new” props to play with.

Frosty Field Glory


Recently, after dropping off my son at Middle School I noticed how gorgeous the frosty morning was with a fog and a sunrise shortly on the horizon. I decided to get all my warm layers on and head out….my initial plan was to photograph the “duck pond” I see on my daily walks but I saw that the neighboring houses would block my sun rising so I headed out toward the sun (toward Everson). I basically just kept going toward the rising sun till I saw a field and some interesting scenery; Mt. Baker, farms, etc. There was a house a ways away and and open driveway and there I parked and did my thing. It was sooo beautiful. The changes in the light kept me changing my camera settings and my tripod and timer enabled me to get some self portraits.


I literally was looking into the bright glorious rising sun and feeling the glory in it. Mt. Baker was to the left.






I literally just lay on the ground to capture the details of the dewey frosty grass. What a beautiful morning it was!

Winter White Geese


Vintage PHotoshoot

Loved, LOVED this shoot in the snow showers (had a towel over my head and camera (scared about my new camera getting wet and possibly breaking; excited to be in this beautiful scene of Winter Fields and snow showers with white geese watching our every move)). These 2 girls are my daughter and her friend Lena. They dressed “vintage” and last minute grabbed the  red coats which totally “popped” in the shoot.L&Aumbrella2web


Aren’t they just adorable? They are sweet and kind girls who like to dress “vintage.”



Don’t you just love the little snow flurries in their hair?



…time to make the white winter geese fly away…!!!swans1blurryweb

fly away geese


Aren’t they beauties?


A few of mostly Lena…lenacloseupweb




A few of Anna;Acloseupdressweb





Anna – “farm hand style”


Well, yes. you have seen these boots before! and yess you have seen HER before! My daughter has been helpful to be a model as I learn the art of photography! Yes, I will use other people too as I gain more confidence :) I dressed her “farm hand” style with a jean jacket and cowgirl shirt. My brother and I did the photography but all these images shown were my images. He has taught me a lot in the limited time he spent with us at Christmas. He is a Master at Landscape Photography.


She does so well looking bored; we get some of the best shots this way! The location was at a mutual  friend’s home with several “falling down” barns.



The patina of these old barns was amazing! Washed red and green moss.


Then we let down her hair and put a red blanket around her and sent her to look out into the beyond from the fields…


AND the wind gets busy and her hair starts flying…


the wind is really blowing the blanket! Isn’t she the best “model”? My ANNAMARIE!


I love LOVE barns and fields.


Those eyes!


and here she is fixing her hair…


What is she imagining? (or is the sun in her eyes?)



Glad you caught this episode/photoshoot of Anna; on the farmstead.


a “little” bit of Christmas around here!


These snowmen sing a jolly song (WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS!) when the special button is pushed! BTW, after my “styled” Christmas and photoshoot the kids were ready to decorate the living room for Christmas the way they wanted it; snowmen on the mantle and a variety of ornaments on the tree with no color scheme. I was happy to let them do their thing but I did miss my color scheme with the “pops” of orange. But real life does not exist in styled photoshoots!!


In case you are checking in here after an absence, I’ve recently gotten a new decent camera and I’m practicing, studying, and pestering my photographer brother while he is visiting. There is so much to learn between buttons on the camera, composition, styling the scene, and then finally editing. Yikes!


I have been blessed by my brother’s expertise and a new lense for Christmas that is good for close-ups and blurry backgrounds; so beautiful!


This is a “new” but used slip-covered chair I got off craigslist. It is big and comfy. I sold the 2 white slipcovered chairs for a handsome profit to buy my new camera; so blessed!


The above collection is a tribute to the photoshoot Annetta and I did together early December. Several of the items were in the shoot with orange as an accent color and the embroidered “Happy Holidays” was a special handmade gift from Annetta that I haven’t shared yet. The black and white photo is a very old photo of my father in-law Ernst (far right), as a boy, with his family in Slovakia.

Annnnddd yessss, I’m crazy obsessed with editing “matte” finishes very much like Simply Rosie.