Catching the Train Part 2

Into a magical land...

Besties photoshoot

This is Part 2 of “Catching the Train”….teens dressed from the Great Depression Era on an Adventure…we ran down the railway tracks chasing after sunshine and found a beautiful spot with a red barn, farm fencing, fields, and the sun setting. I did not know this beautiful spot existed and there it was!

Melanie Beilner Stylist & Photographer

If this doesn’t remind you of the scenery and mood from the Anne of Green Gables series, then you do not know “Anne.” Check out the series for kids and adults by L.M. Montgomery. and check out the movies series as well!

1940's Fashion

So, I was using my flash shooting into the sun and it seemed to work on some shots like this one but as the sun went more and more down it did not seem to work as well. Gotta consult with my photography pro friends.

train tracks photoshoot

Sources were listed in Part 1!

Lynden Farmlands

Country Railway

Twirling Best Friends

Melanie Beilner Photographer & Stylist

Anthropologie Models

Vintage Best Friends Photoshoot

The girls had very little makeup on and little jewelry but they sure are beautiful!

skirt fashion vintage

Sunset photoshoot

The train never came but it was the best adventure and the beauty of the setting sun and the farm lands (Lynden, WA) was one that cheered me as I had been stuck inside for many days! Annamarie & Irina, you girls are such kindred spirits!

Catching the Train Part 1


Hello! Welcome to the 1940’s era; these 2 girls waited and waited for the train but IT NEVER CAME!





The vintage luggage I found at yard sales for about a quarter a piece. I got a new camera recently and I’m learning the art of photography! I edited the photos “matte” inspired by Simply Rosie!

Melanie Beilner Stylist; waiting for the train

Catching the train; Melanie Beilner Stylist & Photographer

These lovely girls are my daughter and one of her besties; aren’t they BEAUTs?!

1940's fashion

Vintage luggage

Best Friend Photoshoot


Other sources include second hand clothing from here and there; crocheted grey hat by Petra Hernandez. Tie up Boots from TJ Maxx. Antique jewelry from Oma. Stay tuned for Part 2!

My Craft Work Station

This is my crafty work station in our bedroom. It takes up a whole wall and has everything I might need for sewing and crafting or repurposing!

Above my desk is all my favorite photos from this year and the words, “Life Is Beautiful.”




The Farm Chicks always inspires me! and my son in his football uniform :)

Cubbies for fabric are perfect for organizing by color.


Country Living Magazines close-by to inspire as well! Hope you enjoyed this episode of my Craft Work Station!


Rainy Day New Camera fun

kitchen window closeup2

I have been blessed with a new camera and I’m practicing and studying so I can become more efficient. The above shot is from my kitchen window sill.

kitchen window closeup2ortontranquil

I edited this at picmonkey!

flowers closeup2

This is a closeup of some lovely leftover flowers from our Christmas photoshoot.



These wreaths I made and hung in our living room windows; very simply evergreens, white berries and small pine cones.


blurry window


I did this one blurry on purpose.

floating flowers

Floating flowers are so romantical, aren’t they?!

floating flowersortontranquil

Hope to share more shots from my new camera soon and more often!!!

Recent behind-the-scenes Homespun Christmas Shoot

annetta edited.JPGimagequality9

Recently, I collaborated with Annetta Bosakova on a Homespun Christmas shoot at my house; this pic was from my new camera (which I am still getting the hang of!) Hopefully will share more soon!

annetta editedortontranquil2

I edited this in picmonkey…I love the aged look to it!