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I’m on Instagram…and it’s oh so fun!

PicMonkey Instagram Collage1Around here and there in the last week! Country Cottage Living. (above photos on Instagram; melaniebeilner)

Hello! I’ve been busy getting used to my new phone: a Samsung Galaxy S4. My husband surprised me one day with it!! at first I was overwhelmed and my phone number had to change too. Bummer. But then I discovered the camera and Instagram and all the cool effects. Then to top it off I discovered PicMonkey and made this Fab collage!!!! Can you feel my excitement?? So, I’ve been in the dark ages using a flip phone which is small and compact and little stress or anything to do on it. Now, I have this compact basically computer and can do anything on it! I’m a little over-the-top!


Penny Lane Update

Penny Lane, Bellingham WaJust wanted to share my recent pics of my Penny Lane booth…lots of fun and colorful goodies…

Penny LaneIsn’t this piece (above) so cool?…we got it free behind a local Greek Restaurant and then fixed it up and wiped layers of grease off it.





2014-08-30 21.10.38I created this pencil drawing effect(above) on my new cell phone…a Samsung Galaxy S4

Penny Lane, B'ham WaThe rooster/chicken applique I picked up at a thrift store; I took it off of the hot pad (in bad condition) and sewed it to this ticking decor pillow…cute, huh?


Teenage Girls at the Beach

Lana Jenae Photographybeach photoshootAren’t these girls adorable?? Just a quick minishoot we added to the “Beach Picnic” Shoot (with the July 4 theme). (Lana Jenae Photography) Quilt, beach ball, Anna’s outfit, vintage sunglasses all from garage sales. Lena’s top from Foxxy Browns. Burlap striped bag I made!


BeachTwizzlers and Cocacola are fun too! InStyle magazine and vintage Life magazine are the reading materials.blowing bubblesBeach Photoshoot!


White Slipcovered Chairs

White Slipcovered Chairs PhotoshootSo, you might ask, where does she come up with these ideas??? I would have to say, this idea was heavily influenced by Selina Lake’s Outdoor Living book. I love romantic settings and when I picked up these elegant slipcovered chairs “free” by the road, I knew they were good for something. And indeed, after washing the heck out of them, they are as pure white as you’ll ever see!!

flower bouquetSo, I am the humble photographer of this shoot and I think I’ve improved my skills but I still enjoy the “Styling” so much more than the photography. Now that I’ve worked with Corlana on 4 shoots, I’m convinced it takes more than 1 person to produce excellent Styled photos. For more info on our packages, go HERE!

bouquet on white chairI love making flower bouquets! I used flowers from around our neighborhood, clipped and trimmed, used rubber bands to hold them together then tied the elegant wide white ribbon around. 

closeup bouquet

The vintage lanterns I picked up at a yard sale…the decor pillows are a combination of yard sale finds or free finds. I think all the decor I paid about $5 for (much was free) and I paid some time and a few extra scoops of OxiClean ;)
aug10 154

aug10 153

aug10 167The location was a block away in this lovely backyard with a clothesline, swing set and old grey house and these amazing beautiful trees. Pwetty!!


a few more…

back adverThis collage is our Ad we’ve been using to show people…they always raise their eyebrows and say, “Wow!” (If you are new here, I’m a Prop Stylist and this was my first experience with Lana Jenae Photography!)

061214 217-11
061214 236-30 (2)

061214 244-38 (2)

061214 255-49 (2)

061214 265-59 (2)-5

061214 328-122

061214 336-130 (2)

061214 388-182 (2)

061214 439-233 (2) There were so many many images that were spectacular and I hadn’t shared them all so …that’s why you are getting another glimpse…to see the others from this 8th grade Graduation Tea Party, click HERE and HERE!