April; from my journal and camera

IMG_7653PBEasterw {FROM MY JOURNAL} April 5, 2017 God says, "Enjoy!" I ask, what about all the projects? ~it's not about me ~Making my home beautiful and tidy IS part of this year's plan ~Balance. How can I enjoy the process? ~God wants me to enjoy and chase after beauty...   IMG_7658PBEasterw I am thankful for: ~so many cute buds and blooms in my yard ~ the cutest chicks ever ~ thankful for physical strength with all these physically demanding chores ~ laughter 🙂 IMG_7663PBEasterw IMG_7667PBEaster IMG_7745wagonbestw IMG_7690chicksfieldtripw IMG_7726donnyesprw ~What can I do for you, God?   IMG_7753backyarddaffmiscw My one precious life, how am I going to spend it? Where is the JOY? IMG_7759backyarddaffmiscw {FROM MY JOURNAL} April 12, 2017 Letting go of CONTROL when going to sleep at night knowing I've done everything I can do IMG_7761backyarddaffmiscw I long for space, peace, joy, serenity I mistakenly think that perfection will bring peace. I will never be happy pursuing perfection because I can never achieve it. IMG_7763backyarddaffmiscw IMG_7767brodylilacchickw Why do I keep pursuing a perfect home? How and when can I stop? I'm so ready to choose peace over perfection, How do I do this? ~tend to my Soul. it's tired. it's hurting. Look at Soul Therapy list and do. IMG_7777brodylilacchickw IMG_7795journal;flowersw {FROM MY JOURNAL} April 14, 2017 It is my job to take care of myself and I haven't been doing a very good job of it Where are my lovely thoughts? Thankful Thoughts: we have money for paint, chicks, fencing, glasses Thank you Lord for a free chicken coop and free picket fencing Thank you Lord for providing! I haven't had peace in a LONG time. It is up to me to choose Better, Wiser, Happier, Spirit filled with joy activities. When am I going to start? Today! IMG_7811tpicnicw IMG_7832tpicnicw IMG_7850tpicnicw {FROM MY JOURNAL} April 17, 2017 ...there WILL be a breakthrough I never anticipated there would be such strength needed to move past blooms to fruit.. What is my true giftedness/calling? IMG_7858eveningcoopfencew IMG_7866eveningcoopfencew {FROM MY JOURNAL} April 20, 2017 Prayer changes things. I wanted to enjoy what God has given and ate my lunch at the table and watched the blossoms trickle down like snow. It's past noon - I'm in my pajamas. picked one of each BLOOM in my backyard. IMG_7868w {FROM MY JOURNAL} April 26, 2017 HEALING I am a cherished daughter ~ "this broken heart is all you want" ~Where is the JOY? ~~~~its' coming Dear Melanie, Rest...I need you to be refreshed and ask, "how are you?" and be ready to listen. Do not be afraid of silence, boredom - this is how you will be restored...Do not be afraid...I will bless you and give you JOY. Love, God He Restores My Soul.

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