Farmer’s Market Burlap Bag

cutting out a bag patternI’ve been seeing all kinds of cute amazing Burlap Bags at Craft Fairs and the Bellingham Farmers Market. I wanted to make one and more! I started by making my own pattern out of newspaper roll. I also used a shopping bag I already own to gauge how big I wanted my new burlap bag to be.

finding the right paint and color for the stripesI wanted a perfect red color that was close to “christmas” red. I started by using painting tape to carefully tape off one stripe at a time on the front of my burlap bag piece. I used a spray paint then added some sponged acrylic paint. This combination was the best.

dry time in front of a heaterIt’s hard to see, but there’s the green painters tape, some more paper to protect the rest of the burlap fabric and it’s drying in my garage in front of a heater…

almost perfect red stripesI did one stripe at a time and would end up with one large stripe between two smaller stripes. More stripes would be cool too!

Farmer's Market ToteI lined it with a fun striped pattern (that was a sheet I found at Goodwill). Don’t know if this is washable because of the paint I used. I recently bought some fabric paint I will use on future bags and then it will be washable. I also will adjust my pattern and make it taller. LOVE!

Finished Burlap Bag

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