Mel’s Homemade Chalk Paint

Hi there!
Today I’m telling you about my chalk paint. You use less paint. You save old furniture. You save time. You could start and finish a project in 4 hours if you really want to!
Here is some directions and pics to inspire..4.20.chalkpaintlambies 0324.17antique table & chairs 025 4.17antique table & chairs 023 4.17antique table & chairs 029
Use furniture that is stained or painted already. As you can see here; this furniture is stained and painted!
Wipe off dust and cobwebs.
Paint piece of furniture with a coat of chalk paint and let dry. On a cold day in spring in the garage this may take 1 1/2 hours? Chalk paint does dry faster than regular paint. Then paint again and let dry. (On a nice warm day, it will dry in 30 minutes!)4.20.chalkpaintlambies 022 4.20.chalkpaintlambies 020
When furniture is totally dry…sand with fine sandpaper by hand or with an electric hand sander. When you see wood stain, stop so that the raw wood doesn’t show next. I like to distress most edges and little sections here and there. You do what you like!
4.20.chalkpaintlambies 023 4.20.chalkpaintlambies 026 4.20.chalkpaintlambies 027
Maybe have a strong person help you if you are feeling tired and weak (like me!) Thanks husband!
After sanding, wipe grit off.
If desired and to bring out the wood stain and finish the piece, lightly wax with furniture wax (and an old rag) found at Hardware Stores (I used Johnson’s found at Home Depot.)
Let dry 30 minutes and wa lah!
4.20.chalkpaintlambies 030
So, I mixed up a few containers of this homemade chalk paint and I’m selling it at my antique booth at Penny Lane in B’ham.
If you want my recipe which I did find on the world wide web, just shoot me a comment and I’ll send it to you! Just like that!
I have used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint and it is similar; but you can buy mine for less than half the price or you can make it yourself…Be inspired!

10 thoughts on “Mel’s Homemade Chalk Paint

  1. lisa

    Hi I just found your site and made it a favorite. Could I please have your paint recipe. It looks like a great summer project.

  2. Dru (The Farmer's Daughter)

    HI! I would love your recipe for the chalk paint! We have lots of cottage style furniture to paint and I know the chalk paint will cover better and take less time. I’m all for less time! Thanks so much for the offer!
    Farmhouse Blessings,

  3. tammy

    Just found your blog today – via pinterest and your potting bench (going to try to talk hubby into making me one :)). I would love your recipe, please & thanks! Your furniture looks great! So happy to find your blog – what a talented person you are!

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