More beauty…and frost

rose hips white barn fogThese 2 photos were taken the same time as the “geese in the field” in the next post.

frost 3 frost 4 frost 2 frost1These frosty photos were at sunrise after a hard frost. not much snow this January here in our neck of the woods.

As you may notice, I’ve been busy photographing sunrises and sunsets. So fun, I did not expect that in January.

I’ve also been busy selling my old living room and dining room furniture and Craigslist and buying “new/old” furniture on Craigslist to take it’s place. I hope to show you these rooms in a couple weeks.


2 Responses to More beauty…and frost

  1. Mel – your web/blog and pictures are absolutely charming! I know older houses are a lot of work, but you have captured serenity and beauty in your descriptions and photos. To me, the serene life is the fulfilled life. And finding, adding , crafting and reno-ing to beautify one’s own ‘castle’ has huge rewards. I applaud your efforts. Much love,S

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