Fall Simple Everyday Pleasures

black cat

This neighbor cat hasn’t totally made friends with me but we are getting friendlier… My backyard needs some attention next week. I need to plant some Spring bulbs and do some weeding.

This last month of September has been full of so much transition; kids starting school, my son starting Football, much re-organizing in the house and in the garage/shop. My creativity has taken a direct turn and I’m being renewed by more rest and just getting organized and being present in “my moments.” The moments God has given me.

geese sky fog sunrise

The fog and sunrises have been beautiful and I’ve brought along my camera on the way to school and stopped to snap a few breathtaking moments. There are still some geese over Willies Lake.

geese pond sunrise fog

This totally reminds me of a scene in Pride & Prejudice (with Kiera Knightly) when Mr. Darcy and she walk toward each other in the fog/sunrise. If you haven’t seen many sunrises I encourage you to get up and let the beauty flood over you.

“It makes me feel just like getting up to see the sunrise

every morning of my life

after this.” -L.M. Montgomery

school bus sunrise fog


Spiderwebs are such things of beauty. Lately, God is showing me all that He has given me. It is enough. He has given me just what I need.

horse sunrise

This horse is going to be my friend! He lives down the road too! but he has to get used to the sound of my camera clicking first. It spooked him!

Now linking to my Instagram Kindred Spirit friend, Nikki, who talks about Fall during her Tea Time talk here on her blog: Nikki Tran Photography.

Camping Picnic Lunch

picnic table setting; country living

On our little camping trip I wanted to “integrate” real life with creative styling. I collected seashells and foraged wildflowers and ferns. We had picked up the fried chicken and deli salads at the grocery store. I brought the enamelware and vintage tablecloth from home including some “camping” silverware.

Country Living style picnic

We picked some blackberries growing right at our campsite. I thought it came together well! My family patiently allowed me to take lots of pictures before we ate. This year I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of making my house a home and integrating my styling and photography with my family and real moments.

red enamel plates

This meal in the great outdoors was yummy, easy and beautiful to look at!

assortment of deli salads

The deli salads were all pretty good; bean salad, potato salad and a chicken noodle salad.

country living style picnic

fried chicken picnic

So, the lesson I’m learning over and over lately…use what I have, forage Nature; take a little extra time to make an ordinary meal beautiful.

camping picnic food

I found an assortment of “camping” silverware at my local Value Village this Summer. I’m excited to use them for picnics and photoshoots. They are plastic and cheaply made but they add so much character (I think!). Do you like picnics as much as I do?! Tell me about your favorite picnic! (post a link if you like!)

and now linking to my Kindred Spirit friend Bekah who just got back from Newfoundland and blogs at: Livin’ It Bekah Style.

Camano Island State Park & God’s Love


Our family camped out in a tent for one night at Camano Island State Park (WA). I loved every minute of it (except for maybe the non-sleeping part on the very hard ground). I feel so alive and relaxed in Nature but my family wants very little of it. It’s hard for me because I crave it. I often have to just be thankful for my walks on our country road. I’m beginning to appreciate where we live more and more!

These pics were taken when I walked down to the beach by myself with my camera while the sun was setting. It was a gorgeous night! Even though these pics are all a little different they were all taken in the same area. This Hawk Nelson song gets me every time and I think I did have it playing in my head as I captured the sunset with my camera.

boat dreamy Hawk Nelson lyrics




ocean wave

ocean; Camano Island State Park

The ocean always reminds me how BIG God is and how far and deep is His love for me. I was reading somewhere recently that just believing God loves me is really the hardest thing. If you can’t believe that then it’s hard to believe anything else. It’s so hard to believe God loves me when I am in pain, when I don’t feel loved, when my dreams don’t seem to be coming true, or when I have no money in my bank account.

holding shell

I picked up some seashells and wild flowers to decorate our picnic table back at the campsite.

A couple years ago I felt like everything had gone wrong that could go wrong. I wondered if God loved me. I knew it would all be okay because I had a tiny amount of faith and I clung to it; I wasn’t telling any mountains to move either. I was barely hanging on. Do you have a tiny amount of faith in God? It is enough. Hold on to the hope. God loves us and is for us, not against us.

camano island sunset inspirational bible verse

As I headed back to the campsite I was looking into such light and glow. I imagined a beautiful wedding that could be in the little building available for rent. It would be a small wedding but oh so amazing right on the beach with wildflowers and Nature all around.

yellow wildflowers

sunset ocean

It would be a great place to gather friends and family for a special occasion. We also checked out Cama Beach State Park (Camano Island, WA) nearby and were so impressed with the little cabins on the Beach. It is on my bucket list! I hope our family makes this a regular getaway!

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