Late Summer Garden Party

Garden Party

Chinese Lanterns, foraged flowers in mason jars and a makeshift table and golden evening sunlight equals a Late Summer Garden Party!

Summer Garden Party

My backyard hosted my sister in-laws and nieces honoring a few family birthdays. My daughter helped me cook for 2 afternoons. It turned out perfect! and I was not expecting the giggling that would occur throughout the evening!

meatball appetizers

cucumber sandwiches

deviled eggs


For the appetizers, we had gluten free meatballs, deviled eggs and cucumber sandwiches. The desserts included gluten free brownies, gluten free nut cookies and almond tarts (recipe from Oma!) To drink we had iced tea!

garden party appetizers

foraged flower bouquets


The night before I took myself to the countryside and gathered wild flowers or wild weeds and then added a few things from my backyard; the colors were bright orange, yellow, purples and pinks.

mason jar bouquet

iced tea

summer garden party

Who knew when just us girls get together that there is all kinds of talk and giggling goin’ ons?!



garden party

birthday candles

almond tart birthday

My daughter was so patient with all the details I wanted to include and she helped me for 2 days.

melanie and annamarie beilner

The table is a slab from the dump on top of an old desk that is falling apart! I refreshed the re-purposed table top with a coat of gloss and repainted the desk with a coat of light yellow. The chairs are mismatched found at an antique store and a garage sale. I truly get most things like this for free or for dirt cheap. Don’t let your circumstances prevent you from hosting a get -together like this one! With a little creativity and elbow grease, you can host a garden party too! (We used to have a lovely outdoor table made by my husband but we sold it this summer!)

after the party

Love all these gals and missed those who couldn’t attend! Perhaps we shall do another “gals only” get-together at Christmas! (we played croquet after the dinner!) Below: Roshanna, Gitt, Petra, Diana’s head, Samantha, Anna and me!

Beilner Women