Kindred Creatives Garden CreativiTEA

GardenCreativiTEA Simply Lovely Photography

Our second Kindred Creatives Gathering/Workshop was in April and the theme was Garden CreativiTEA! This above image was one of my invitation images. The creative activities included: decorating cupcakes, painting with tea and coffee and eating in our backyard garden.

GardenCreativiTEA 2 Simply Lovely Photography

Photography and Styling are my newest creative outlets. In years past I have been a home decorator, a crafter, a blogger, an antique mall vendor and thrifter. I’ve done it all! (Did I mention sewing, chalk paint, scrapbooking, etc.) My daughter is also a “creative” in different ways and we decided to host a gathering or workshop for other “Creatives.” At first I thought we’d do it monthly but we do put  a lot of effort into it so now I think seasonally would be perfect.

foraged flowers Simply Lovely Photography

Foraged Flowers are always on my to-do list! I found lilacs, viburnum, apple blossoms, etc.

KCteaser Simply Lovely Photography

The above image was a “same day” teaser I meant to post on FB but I was too busy making cupcakes, tea sandwiches, etc. But not too busy to capture this photo!

Kindred Creatives Simply Lovely PHotography

Our workshop began with decorating cupcakes!


(the cupcake flavors are Mocha and Strawberry Cream Cheese)


Homemade frostings and a variety of decorations for the cupcakes…


Chocolate chips and sprinkles; oh my!




After we iced cupcakes, we headed outside for our TEA and then our painting with tea and coffee…

KCoutdoor Simply Lovely Photography




Kindred Creative Simply Lovely Photography




Iced Tea and hot tea is served!

Salmon cream cheese tea sandwiches, PB & Jelly tea sandwiches, and fruit also on the menu!






What a fun creative time I had! I hope the other ladies enjoyed it as well! Our next Kindred Creatives event is scheduled for late June with a Pride & Prejudice Theme. email me at for more info

Camano Island Photography Adventure Part 1


Well. from left to right: Annetta, Abby and me! on a photography adventure we will go! Our first stop was an abandoned property where we saw 2 tall trees covered in wisteria. Because we love foraging for blooms, we pulled in and took a few pics and picked some blooms.

abbyholding wisteria Simply Lovely Photography

Annetta might have taken this shot with my camera! She graciously taught me so many photography skills. I predict she will teach workshops some day!

abby bouquet Simply Lovely Photography

This foraged bouquet looks soooo beautiful. Includes wisteria, lupins, and lilacs!

annetta Simply Lovely Photography

Annetta posing with her Vintage film camera…she is passionate about all things photography and film AND foraged flowers!

melanie beilner

Abby helped take a few pics of me with my camera. I do love them!

melanie beilner Country Cottage Living

I “dressed up” for our day out as usually you will see me in a sporty hooded sweatshirt most days! My friends especially loved my boots!

abbythinking Simply Lovely Photography

Time to lay in the field of mini daisies! We made a wreath of flowers around her head and Annetta took some pics and one is on Abby’s Instagram. missabbylemon.

abbypraying Simply Lovely Photography

I had some fun adding a Bible Verse that has inspired me lately. I (we) ask God for so much. Yet. I am reminded that He can do so much more I can’t really measure it. It reminds me how small my ideas and faith is. I pray my faith and scope will grow as I learn to trust Him.

Sneak Peek of our Blackberry Beach Picnic


Picnics are so fun and I love to Style them…this “shoot” was at Camano Island State Park with my good friends Annetta and Abby. It was a team effort to pull together and we worked hard!


On the picnic menu: Pulled Pork Sandwiches, fruit, Blackberry Crush Cocktail, Iced Coffee, Blackberry Cobbler and Dark Chocolate

This is just a teaser and I promise I’ll post the whole story soon!

Spring Blooms


Happy Spring!

Part of me hesitates to post such simple beauties…are they too simple and not exciting enough?

When I remember the long grey winter, I say “no,” blooms are miracles to be celebrated! The scent of lilacs alone is enough to send me into a coma of happiness :)


These hellebores have also taken my breath away. I am now the proud owner of several plantings in my amazing Garden Backyard! And after they are cut they last a long time in water.


Bleeding Hearts and a root beer float…don’t you just love ice cream weather??!!


I know there have been many pics of my camelias but they are so beautiful and still are showing off. I think I may name our new home: Camelia Cottage.


This was a rainy day looking out of our master bedroom into our backyard. What beauty! and my Farm Chicks mug from my friend “T”!

The simple things really are the BEST things!!

Easter and Bunnies




To see more of all our Easter Egg Prep, go HERE!fruitweb




We did some special decorating for Easter cause it was also my 2 sis in-laws birthdays! My nieces and daughter helped a lot! and of course, the whole family brought food food and more food! Pulled pork on croissants, broccoli salad, deviled eggs, fruit punch, waldorf salad, carrot soup and desserts: lemon pudding cake, black forest cake, cheesecake and more!

Here are my 2 sis in-laws:

Simply Lovely Photography

We made them each a floral crown for their birthday using scavenged flowers and floral wire.

Simply Lovely Photography

Petra (on left) is holding Camelias from my backyard (they never end! I tell ya.). Gitti (on right) is holding Lemon Pudding Cake iced and decorated with flower petals. LOVE!