April; from my journal and camera

IMG_7653PBEasterw {FROM MY JOURNAL} April 5, 2017 God says, "Enjoy!" I ask, what about all the projects? ~it's not about me ~Making my home beautiful and tidy IS part of this year's plan ~Balance. How can I enjoy the process? ~God wants me to enjoy and chase after beauty...   IMG_7658PBEasterw I am thankful for: ~so many cute buds and blooms in my yard ~ the cutest chicks ever ~ thankful for physical strength with all these physically demanding chores ~ laughter 🙂 IMG_7663PBEasterw IMG_7667PBEaster IMG_7745wagonbestw IMG_7690chicksfieldtripw IMG_7726donnyesprw ~What can I do for you, God?   IMG_7753backyarddaffmiscw My one precious life, how am I going to spend it? Where is the JOY? IMG_7759backyarddaffmiscw {FROM MY JOURNAL} April 12, 2017 Letting go of CONTROL when going to sleep at night knowing I've done everything I can do IMG_7761backyarddaffmiscw I long for space, peace, joy, serenity I mistakenly think that perfection will bring peace. I will never be happy pursuing perfection because I can never achieve it. IMG_7763backyarddaffmiscw IMG_7767brodylilacchickw Why do I keep pursuing a perfect home? How and when can I stop? I'm so ready to choose peace over perfection, How do I do this? ~tend to my Soul. it's tired. it's hurting. Look at Soul Therapy list and do. IMG_7777brodylilacchickw IMG_7795journal;flowersw {FROM MY JOURNAL} April 14, 2017 It is my job to take care of myself and I haven't been doing a very good job of it Where are my lovely thoughts? Thankful Thoughts: we have money for paint, chicks, fencing, glasses Thank you Lord for a free chicken coop and free picket fencing Thank you Lord for providing! I haven't had peace in a LONG time. It is up to me to choose Better, Wiser, Happier, Spirit filled with joy activities. When am I going to start? Today! IMG_7811tpicnicw IMG_7832tpicnicw IMG_7850tpicnicw {FROM MY JOURNAL} April 17, 2017 ...there WILL be a breakthrough I never anticipated there would be such strength needed to move past blooms to fruit.. What is my true giftedness/calling? IMG_7858eveningcoopfencew IMG_7866eveningcoopfencew {FROM MY JOURNAL} April 20, 2017 Prayer changes things. I wanted to enjoy what God has given and ate my lunch at the table and watched the blossoms trickle down like snow. It's past noon - I'm in my pajamas. picked one of each BLOOM in my backyard. IMG_7868w {FROM MY JOURNAL} April 26, 2017 HEALING I am a cherished daughter ~ "this broken heart is all you want" ~Where is the JOY? ~~~~its' coming Dear Melanie, Rest...I need you to be refreshed and ask, "how are you?" and be ready to listen. Do not be afraid of silence, boredom - this is how you will be restored...Do not be afraid...I will bless you and give you JOY. Love, God He Restores My Soul.

A new beginning…March; from my journal



March 1, 2017 Do not be afraid of broken things because Christ is redeeming everything. Ann Voskamp Psalm 37:5 ~ Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this; He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun. ...what sticks out to me today is "your cause" ~ the why of things ~ the why of my book "worthy" from LM Montgomery comes to mind

I think it is hard for me to begin because I want it to be perfect.

IMG_7397miscw IMG_7401miscw IMG_7303budsw


March 6, 2017 shine like the dawn ~ yes! Beauty for my Soul In the Mess of Life ...perhaps some dreams are not meant to come true and some at a later date... What brings me peace is that even if I produce nothing for the world ~ I can be a light in my own little world doing and being who He wants me to be.

I don't want to see the mess - I want to see the beauty (in the mess).

IMG_7500chicks2sungloww IMG_7508chicks2sungloww IMG_7307budsw IMG_7317teatowelcountrydiar FROM MY JOURNAL: March 13, 2017 I want to get back to Nature and space and quiet. IMG_7337teatowelcountrydiar IMG_7187antiqueshowcatcrocu IMG_7202antiqueshowcatcrocu Psalm 42:2b When can I go and meet with God? IMG_7221outfitw FROM MY JOURNAL: March 19, 2007 It is hard to turn off the beauty of the day IMG_7265anniversarypicnicw IMG_7374meprofilew Psalm 43:3 send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me IMG_7467chicks2sungloww FROM MY JOURNAL: March 16, 2017 The truth sets me free; a perfect home does not make me happy. I choose to accept moments and look for moments of contentment and joy. "Continue on. Dear One." Choose Joy and Peace. "just do the thing I've actually created you to do." love, God IMG_7534famchicksw FROM MY JOURNAL: March 19, 2017 There is so much that needs doing. But my Soul needs some time, some quiet, some Nature, some Country - then I will be better equipped for what needs doing. I'm really hoping to make space for nothing. I'm not sure that all I have planned is going to heal my broken heart. Thank you, Lord, for time. IMG_7608w FROM MY JOURNAL: March 20, 2017 Today, I had nothing I really needed to do and I could use a few more days like that. FROM MY JOURNAL: March 27, 2017 God has really spoken to me; LOUDLY, PROFOUNDLY  and LOVINGLY (through journal writing and quiet time) IMG_7620PBchicksw   FROM MY JOURNAL: March 30, 2017 Love is HUMBLE PATIENT HELPFUL God, help me to be patient with my dreams knowing ALL is as it should be...

Books! Plans and Quilts

SpringBeautyBookCapture Hello friends, I've got stacks of books on my table and books on my brain! The above image is a rough draft cover for one of the books I'm working on. I'm using shutterfly to create this book: shutterflyCapture   I created my first book over a year ago and shared the online link to view. It is called Fall ~ A Thankful ABC Book. myfallbookCapture I finally ordered it and when it arrived I was PRETTY excited! It will help me tweak my other books. They are all seasonal each with a different theme. I will be focusing on creating these books from the last few years of work. They will be inspirational, beautiful and meaningful to me (and hopefully others!) The rest of this year of 2017 will be focused primarily on the Seasonal books and making quilts and having picnics. And I'm also hoping to get chicks! I'm inspired by Selina Lake books: selinalakebooksCapture and by Susan Branch books: susanbrancbooksCapture AND then there are some awesome books I've been reading: The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp annvoskampbookCapture Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequest presentbookCapture   I also bought a copy of The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden countrydiarybookCapture edwardianbookCapture I have immersed myself in making playlists of music on Spotify (thanks to my daughter for helping me!) I'm listening a lot to the soundtrack of the movie, "You've Got Mail."  Try clicking this link for a listen HERE! I'm listening to music while I'm working on books. you've got mailCapture Other books I'm spending time with are my Bible, journal and daily devotional: focusing on "Beauty for my Soul" in this Season. quiet time quiet time My latest quilt was a gift. My next quilt will be for a picnic to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary. repurposed quilt shabby chic quilt My plan is to do many picnics this year. I will be living my picnic fantasy (including me enjoying the picnic!) Not sure what else God has planned but I will probably not be as present here on the blog or on social media. Bye For Now, and hoping you get some time soon to be Creative and "Live Your Dream." Melanie